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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 22, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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good morning. thank you all for being here and i'm happy to be join bid supervisor from district ten and our new director of the department of public health. also here are the people from my office working tirelessly to help protect another generation of san francisco youth from becoming addicted to ecigarettes. that has been lead my chief deputy and chief of strategic advocacy, sarah eeisneburg. in december, the u.s. surgeon general, jerome adams, issued a
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warning of the epidemic of ecigarette use and called this a cause of great concern. know the risks, take action, protect our kids. he was absolutely correct and we're heeding that warning. today we are taking action to protect our young people. the steps we are taking are necessary and all the more urgent because another arm of the federal government has failed to do its job. the food and drug administration is the entity responsible for revealing new tobacco products to determine whether they are appropriate for the protection of public health. by law, before a new tobacco product goes to market, the fda is supposed to conduct a review to evaluate risks and benefits of the product on the population as a whole. that's common sense. if the fda determines this poses a threat to public health, it should never hit the shelves.
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inexplicably, in the case of ecigarettes,s that has not happened. despite the fact in 2016, the fda deemed this a product subject to the jurisdiction. these products were on the street even though the premarket reviews have never been done. in fact, fda has given the ecigarette industry a pass. for no clear reason, they have given the nicotine companies until 2022 to apply for a premarket review. the result is that millions of children are already addicted to ecigarettes and millions more will follow if we don't act. until recently, we had made great strides in reducing youth tobacco use. the percentage of youth was an all-time low in 2017. there had been a generation of success, kid wer kids were gettf
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of nicotine. but last year, according to the centre for disease control and prevention, tobacco use among youth rose for the first time since the 1990s. this dramatic reversal is directly attributable to the nation-wide surge in ecigarette use by talents. adolescentses. the use in 2016 increased 14% and 4.9 million america students reported they were using tobacco products up from 3.6 million students in 2016. use of ecigarettes increased by 27% for high school students and 48% for middle school students. nearly five million american students were using tobacco products. that's a generation of kids, addicted kids facing lung cancer and heart disease and thousands will likely die of preventible
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diseases if we don't act and that's not high perso hyperbole. tobacco kills more than 480,000 people a year. that's more than aids, alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined. that is why we're acting now to reverse the tide of ecigarettes. let's be clear, they're product is addiction. they're in the business of getting people addicted or keeping them addicted. a relatively small number of adults may switch switc from ant useful to turn another generation of kids into addicts and it's up to a government like san francisco to protect our children and today we are announcing we're taking four
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concrete step. first, san francisco along with the city of chicago and the city of new york sent a letter to the fda that demands that the fda do it's job. we are jointly telling fda to immediately conduct the required public health review of ecigarettes that by law was supposed to happen before these products were on the market. a companion letter includes a rey for the fda to turn over records to my servic office so n francisco can determine if we need to take legal action if they don't take the public required health review. second, we can't wait on the fda to act. so in coordination and partnership with supervisor walton and i want to thank him for his leadership and vision on this issue, we are introducing today ground-breaking legislation at the board of supervisors to prohibit the sale in san francisco of any ecigarettes that has not
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undergone pre-fda market review. my ecigarette that has not received fda premarket review cannot be sold at a store in san francisco or bought online and shipped to a san francisco address. this is not an outright ban on ecigarettes. it's a prohibition against any ecigarettes. so far none have been through the review process required by law. this is a prudent step to know the health and safety implications of products sold here. if the fda has an not approved it and reviewed it, it shouldn't be sold in san francisco. third, on a more local level, we're introducing a separate piece of legislation today, again in card natio in coordinah
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supervisor walton. this would protect the sale and manufacture of all products including in sanfrancisco, including port property. fourth, my office as part of our review of juuls, operations sent notice to juul seeking an explanation for why juul holds a license when it maintains it does not engage in sale or cigarette products on the premises. san francisco has never been afraid to leave and we're not afraid to do so when the health and lives of our children are on the line. with that, i would like to turn it over to supervisor walton, who has been a fearless partner and visionary leader both on the school board and now on protecting our city's youth. >> first, i want to thank the
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city attorney for his fierce leadership on this. i am really sick and tired of the predatory practices for our young people where people are tryintrying to set them up for d habits for a lifetime. this has to stop and ecigarettes are contributing that. when we passed prop 10 in 19198, which wa1998go out and educate t preventing tobacco use, preventing nicotine addiction and we showed record numbers that we were able to do that and accomplish that. and now we have more predatory practices going after our young people and this, again, has to stop. so i want to thank the city attorney for his leadership on this. as you know we're going to be announcing legislation at this afternoon's meeting. you've heard a lot of the data in terms of the change and shifts from winning people off tobacco to having more and more
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young people using tobacco and nicotine products. i want to say this, that ecigarettes have been targeting our young people with their colours and their flavours and enticing adolescentses and this is pulling them forked nicotine addiction. we have people addicted to nicotine who would never have smoked a cigarette had it not been for the attractive products that target our young people. so we can see and understand why it's so important to make sure that if things are not approved by the fda, if products have not been given the stamp of approval by the government, then we know they're not safe and until the fda does that, we have to make sure that these products are not sold in our stores here in san francisco. the city has already enacted ordinance 140-117 prohibiting retail establishments from selling flavoured tobacco products. ecigarettes are flavoured nicotine products.
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nicotine is what addicts all of our young people and addicts everybody. it is the addictive chemical in tobacco and nicotine and the effect of nicotine is what we have to combat as well. until the fda rules on approval of ecigarettes, we need to prohibit all sales for anyone under the age of 21 and anyone here in the city and we need to make sure that we have a ban on selling products, vaping products on any city property here in san francisco. what juul is doing is irresponsible and claimed to not be a part of the tobacco industry. i meant with them and they swore up and down they were not connected to the tobacco industry and a week and a half later, they merged with a tobacco company. therefore, not only are they not truthful but irresponsibly focused and working to addict
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young people on nicotine products so they will be long-time users of nicotine products to make a profit and harm their health. we won't stand for that and that's why we'll fight har in san francisco to avoid predatory products to our young people. i want to thank you all for coming out and we will combat this towards our young people. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor walton. i would like to ask our new director of the department of public health, dr. grant kofax to say a few words, as well. >> well, thank you. i just want to reiterate this is a major step forward for public health in san francisco, continuing the leadership that san francisco has historically shown in addressing major public health issues. i want to offer my gratitude to city attorney herarra and we know this has been reiterated in the remarks today, that mechanic
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teethat nicotineaddiction is das damaging affecdamaging effects s brain and it's attracting a whole different generation the youth to nicotine. we know that tobacco is the greatest cause of preventible deaths in this country. ecigarettes are responsible for the increasing levels of tobacco use that we're seeing in youth. we know that we need to do better. we need to turn this epidemic around. ecigarettes are a gateway drug to tobacco use and that has been shown in numerous studies. so we're here not only addressing the numerous affects being addicted to a substance, the direct effects on nicotine but taking a major step in that
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gateway from ecigarettes addiction. this is going to save hundreds, if not thousands of lives in san francisco and is a major step forward in breaking this epidemic. again, i'm grateful from the health department's perspective. this is a move in the right direction and major policy advance and the health department is very supportive of that. thank you. >> thank you, dr. kolfax and with that, we're happy to take any questions anybody has. >> is won't happens to the establishments that has the products on the shelves? do they take them down? >> we have to go through the legislative process and i have every confidence that supervisor walton will sheppard this legislation through as quickly as possible. once that legislation passes and
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works with the final product, then, yeah, until such time as the fda gave its premarket review and approval, there would not be allowed in either a hard brick and mortar store the sale of distribution manufacturer of ecigarettes and you wouldn't send it online until one or the other products had received the premarket review by the fda. >> so would this be two months, six months? >> it will be introduced today and we'll be working hard with colleagues to make sure this becomes law. when it does become law, it will take affect 30 days after this is complete. with that said, we'll be working hard to move as fast as possible. i can give you a better answer and response in a couple of weeks. >> why do you all think that the federal government has given a
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pass to ecigarettes so far and what is the power in strength in numbers? san francisco and chicago all pleading with the ftda to crack down on this. >> i can't answer for the fda but it's pretty darn expoliticcable they have failed to act. the tobacco control act was passed in 2009 and in 2016, the fda said that these products were subject to fda jurisdiction. yet, they said that they didn't have to first file their premarket review until 2018. and then they extended that to 2022. in the meantime, we've known that ecigarettes, we're talking about 15 years with no premarket review for a product that we know is addicting our
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kids, a whole other generation of kids to a deleterious drug threatening public health and safety. it is inexplicable and inexcusable to me that the fda has failed to act. the fact that we got chicago and new york to sign this letter in no time should be a message to the federal government that municipalities and localities are not going to tolerate this and we're going to act as quickly as we can to protect our young people. i have no doubt that as a result of today as action, both that letter and legislation, you will see other jurisdictions step up to demand action from the federal government. if we can't expect that the fda will protect the health and safety of our young people, then i don't know what the function of the fda really is. so hopefully they'll get the message. >> in terms of targeting juuls,
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would this grandfather them in? will they continue do what they do there. >> good question. under the terms of their -- they have a sublease down at the port and they have said that they are not manufacturing, distributing, doing anything through that facility. at this point, we don't have any evidence that they are in violation of the terms of their lease agreement. but that's why i sent the insmith demantheinspection demae it's areas they havit's curioust doing any sale on property. if i find they're in violation, i would take action of breaking the terms of their lease. but the legislation that supervisor walton is championing with respect to what is occurring on port property will
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enshire we will never have a similar circumstance that we have a company like this operatinoperating on similar pr. >> this should be a message to juul or any other corporation that thinks they can come into san francisco and operate in accordance that is against our values here as a city and so, this legislation is going to be focused, of course, and making sure this never happens again on any city property but it's also a warning to juul. it's also a statement to juul that we don't want them here. we don't want them in our city and so we're going to be fighting to make sure that we figure out and learn if there's anything that they're doing that is not in accordance with san francisco laws and regulations. >> would you eventually want to see juul leave the city? >> i would like for them to have been gone yesterday. we have been clear about that and our neighbors have been clear about that and we definitely would like for them to conduct business somewhere else.
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>> so excuse me, when the city signed a contract with juul, did they not know what the company did or why did they enter into a contract with the company? >> the city didn't enter into a contract. there's a massive lease developer at pier 70 that had a lease with another tenant and as part of that, there was a sublease between juul and that tenant and under the terms of the agreement that we had with master developer, there were certain rights that were given up by the city unless there was certain milestones and square footage. so we didn't know about it and weren't aware about it but it has been a lesson learned about how it is that the city engages with massive developers. i can assure you and i'm supervisor walton will, as well, this is a circumstance that will not happen again.
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>> any other questions? >> thank you very much. san francisco is surrounded on three sides by water, the fire boat station is intergal to maritime rescue and preparedness, not only for san francisco, but for all of the bay area. [sirens] >> fire station 35 was built in 1915. so it is over 100 years
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old. and helped it, we're going to build fire boat station 35. >> so the finished capital planning committee, i think about three years ago, issued a guidance that all city facilities must exist on sea level rise. >> the station 35, construction cost is approximately $30 million. and the schedule was complicated because of what you call a float. it is being fabricated in china, and will be brought to treasure island, where the building site efficient will be constructed on top of it, and then brought to pier 22 and a half for installation. >> we're looking at late 2020 for final completion of the fire boat float. the historic firehouse will remain on the
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embarcadero, and we will still respond out of the historic firehouse with our fire engine, and respond to medical calls and other incidences in the district. >> this totally has to incorporate between three to six feet of sea level rise over the next 100 years. that's what the city's guidance is requiring. it is built on the float, that can move up and down as the water level rises, and sits on four fixed guide piles. so if the seas go up, it can move up and down with that. >> it does have a full range of travel, from low tide to high tide of about 16 feet. so that allows for current tidal movements and sea lisle rises in the coming decades. >> the fire boat station float will also incorporate a ramp for ambulance deployment and
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access. >> the access ramp is rigidly connected to the land side, with more of a pivot or hinge connection, and then it is sliding over the top of the float. in that way the ramp can flex up and down like a hinge, and also allow for a slight few inches of lateral motion of the float. both the access ramps, which there is two, and the utility's only flexible connection connecting from the float to the back of the building. so electrical power, water, sewage, it all has flexible connection to the boat. >> high boat station number 35 will provide mooring for three fire boats and one rescue boat. >> currently we're staffed with seven members per day, but the fire department would like to establish a new dedicated marine unit that would be able to respond to multiple incidences. looking into the future, we have not only at&t
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park, where we have a lot of kayakers, but we have a lot of developments in the southeast side, including the stadium, and we want to have the ability to respond to any marine or maritime incident along these new developments. >> there are very few designs for people sleeping on the water. we're looking at cruiseships, which are larger structures, several times the size of harbor station 35, but they're the only good reference point. we look to the cruiseship industry who has kind of an index for how much acceleration they were accommodate. >> it is very unique. i don't know that any other fire station built on the water is in the united states. >> the fire boat is a regionalesset tharegional assete
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used for water rescue, but we also do environmental cleanup. we have special rigging that we carry that will contain oil spills until an environmental unit can come out. this is a job for us, but it is also a way of life and a lifestyle. we're proud to serve our community. and we're willing to help . >> welcome, everyone. hi. my name is clara filey,and i'm the director of the office of trans
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initiatives, and i'm so proud to work for a mayor that supports lgbt initiatives in the city of san francisco. [applause] >> today san francisco is launching, open to all, a national campaign to build understanding and discussion about the importance of protecting all people from discrimination. as a federal administration continues to attack our diverse communities, it is important that we stand by our values as being open for all, and call on other cities to follow suit. san francisco is a beacon of hope for the rest of the country, with some of the strongest policies and programs here in san francisco. we make sure that until the work is done, until all of our communities are safe, we continue to do the great work. because what happens in san francisco happens in the rest of the country. so as we go through our daily lives, from going to the gym or going to the school or hanging out with
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friends, no one should have to worry about being discriminated because of who they love, because of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, expression, disabilities, or religious beliefs. but sadly our president continues to divide us. but in san francisco, we will continue to share the love. so here in san francisco our diverse communities and our small businesses are the bedrock of our cities. here i go. and despite all of these bias attacks, san francisco will continue to open our doors to all. so today, as we know, we are on the eve of the equality act being introduced in the senate, in the house. now, more than ever, we need protections. and, like i said, what happens in san francisco happens throughout the country. so now it is my honor to
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introduce a champion for lgbt rights and diversitiy for all, our mayor, london breed. >> thank you, claire. it is really great to be here with so many incredible leaders, to really launch something that we shouldn't have to launch. you would think after what happened, especially with the history of our country during the civil rights movement, where african-americans were discriminated against, asian-americans were discriminated against, and so many folks were not welcome to do something as simple as eat at a lunch counter, you would think that in 2019 anyone would be able to go any place that is a public business and be able to get just a basic service that they request. and we know that it is windy out here. [laughter] >> and this campaign --
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shoot, my hair is in my eyes. this campaign stems from two -- stems from two men who wanted a wedding cake, who wanted to share their love. and on the day that was supposed to be one of the best days of their lives, picking out a wedding cake, it turned into just really a very serious challenge with being refused that basic option. here in san francisco, we know that we won't tolerate that kind of behavior in anyone who owns a business. if your business is open and available, and you're a public business, then you either are open to all, or you should find another city to do business in because we won't tolerate that here in san francisco. [applause] >> you know, we still have, as we know, a number
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of challenges, including, sadly, people, two african-americans who were receiveed in a starbucks. we all remember that. we remember the gay couple who was put out of a ride share. we remember some of the situations that continue to occur all over this country. and today, now more than ever, we need to come together. we need to continue to push and support good business practices because we know that throughout the united states there are still over half of the cities in this country still discriminating against our lgbt community. we won't do business with those states. we won't tolerate discrimination, and here in san francisco, we will continue to be open to all. so as we launch this incredible campaign that signifies all our great values and what we stand
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for, we acknowledge so many incredible people who have made this possible. i first want to acknowledge molly, who is with the movement advancement project for spearheading this campaign to advance the conversation, the policy work and collaborations on this subject all over the world. the haas junior fund who funded this campaign. we are going to encourage people to put up these signs and to bring awareness to this very challenging issue. thank you. thank you, the wind is blowing in my eye. i can't even see. i want to thank each and every one of you for being here today. and on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, at this time, molly, i want to ask you to come up so i can present this proclamation to you, thanking you for your commitment and your work. oh, buried back there. [applause] >> thank you.
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>> and with that, i'd like to turn it over to supervisor rafael mandelman for some remarks. he represents this amazing district. and i'm always happy to be here. i see all of the incredible businesses and the merchants. this is a beautiful community, and the sun is shining, so we're going to have a good time today. thank you, everyone, for being here. [applause] >> thank you, mayor breed. thank you for your commitment to this community and this neighborhood, the best neighborhood in the world. one of the places where the lgbt civil rights movement began just two blocks down at harvey milk's camera shop. this is a very appropriate place, of course, to be doing this for people in search of acceptance, refuge, or opportunity, san francisco has long provided a safe place to be who you are. from young queers fleeing
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violence, to families who immigrate here to create a better life, san francisco welcomes and celebrates our diversitiy. unfortunately, as the mayor noted, in more than half the country, discrimination is still protected under the law. only 20 states provide full legal protection from discrimination in employment and housing. hate-fueled attacks are also on the rise, with the f.b.i. reporting a 17% increase in hate crimes in 2018. even right here in the castro, we continue to see homophobic and sometimes violent attacks on members of our community. as we in san francisco resist a president who works to divide the nation, it is more important than ever that we lead by example in the fight against hate. by becoming the first city to join the national "open to all" campaign, we can send a strong message that hate will not be tolerated here.
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today we have the support of 200 national and state organizations committed to civil rights, racial justice, lgbt equality and civil rights. the mayor and i are putting forward legislation that make san francisco open to all. i want to thank claire farley, marianne thomson, who is hiding behind the sign, but is amazing. [applause] >> not to say that any of the other five public servants up here are not amazing, but marianne is amazing. adrina, at the office of small business, thank you. tom tamprano, also amazing in my all of my office. and we have a number of
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elected queer and non-queer elected officials here, but i'm super excited we have my predecessor bevin dusty is here. thank you, bevin. i'm going to introduce some more of our electives in a second. i want to thank daniel and the castro association for your great help in kicking off this campaign, and, of course, the staff of "open to all." with that, i'll be introducing our next speakers, two of these amazing public servants. we are so lucky that the people taking care -- collecting and taking care of our money and figuring out how much we have to pay each year are so talented and wonderful. we have our treasurer, jose, and our assessor, carman chu. please come on up. >> hello, everyone, i'm jose, the san francisco
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treasurer, and i'm happy to stand here with carman chu. both of our offices work very hard to not only provide funding and the vital income of cash to the city to make its work possible, but between our offices, we actually support hundreds of thousands plus businesses in this city every year. and we do that no matter what kind of businesses they. entrepreneurs come to us and set up their businesses, open their properties, begin to become successes here in san francisco, and we step up and make sure they can be a success right here in san francisco. i'm proud of the work we do in our office. and i stand by the "open to all" program. [applause] >> good morning, everybody. i think jose and i love getting up together because we're like peanut butter and jelly. a money sandwich partnership over here. but we're all really happy
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to be here to support the "open to all" campaign. my parents used to have a small business, and my parents were immigrants to the united states many, many years ago, and they, too, faced discrimination. you never knew sometimes if you walked in the door, if you couldn't speak english, what kind of service you'd get. i think a campaign like this is so important because when you see that sign on a window, when you see that sign on a doorfront, you know that people in that store recognize the importance of diversitiy and inclusion. i couldn't be more proud of san francisco for being, i believe, the first city to be doing this. congratulations to molly and claire and to everybody who has been part of this wonderful project. we're really happy to be part of it. [applause] >> and speaking of all of those incredible businesses here in san francisco that are opening their doors to everybody in our community, i would like to introduce linda
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o'hara. >> thank you. thank you, mayor breed, for being our hometown girl made good. the mayor of our amazing city, she grew up around japan town, and that is where our family business. my name is linda mihara, and i'm a owner of paper tree. the business was started in 1958 by my mother and father, who are actually here today. [applause] >> we have recently become a san francisco legacy business. we're very proud to be that. to be a legacy business, you have to be in business at least 35 years, and we're entering our 51st year in business, and we're happy to do so. thank you. san francisco is an amazing city. we are a world class city. we have always been the example of how being -- no
7:39 pm
matter what your background is, your religion, your sexual orientation, everybody has been welcomed. and we make it work here in the city. we're a world class city because of our world class people. i believe one of the key things that makes san francisco so unique not only are the people, but are the different neighborhoods. so we have our little identities, but we still get together and we mingle and respect each other. we work together and we open our doors to the world. and as a business, having your business in san francisco, you know, we've always run our paper tree as open to all. our family goes back 100 years. through those 100 years, we've experienced, you know, establishing life here in the states. we've experienced intermment during the war. my dad was actually interned at hart mountain, wyoming. and i know a lot of different levels of
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discrimination. iinterment is just one example. there are those who discriminate based on who they see in front of you, and i think that's really wrong. everyone has had at least some experience of some type of discrimination. and i think for our family, having lived through that, also coming back to reestablish a business in san francisco, san francisco's japan town, has been a great -- you know, we kind of live by example. you open your doors to the world. and it is amazing what you see. growing up in the business, i had a front-row seat to all those that came to san francisco because san francisco is such a great city. you know, of course we have those beautiful landmarks. we've got the goldengate bridge and all of those, but it is getting into the neighborhoods and getting to meet the people is
7:41 pm
really what makes san francisco unique. having us be the first city to jump on board with the "open to all" campaign reminds everybody, yes, as a business owner, you need to be open to all. there is no room for discrimination. there is no room for any of that negativity. we are, as business owners, examples of how it can work and respecting everyone that walks through the door and everyone that comes to visit this wonderful city. we pledged already, "open to all," and so all of the business owners that are here today, i definitely encourage you to think in the same way. go ahead and register, and let's continue to make san francisco the living example of how it should be. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you so much. so are we ready to be open to all? >> yes. >> as you can see, we've had our electives already sign this, and the mayor has signed the pledge as well, and as she said, we
7:42 pm
will not allow businesses in our city that are not open for all because everyone deserves fairness and equality. we're asking other cities to join san francisco's lead to becoming open to all cities across the country. we're asking you to reach out to your favorite businesses and ask them to join this pledge because where we shop and where we spend money, we want to make sure that that is our san francisco values. and, finally, please ask your elected leaders -- so many of them have already signed the pledge, but we're asking leaders to join us today. so with that, thank you, all, and welcome to "open for all" day..
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>> i just feel like this is what i was born to do when i was a little kid i would make up performances and daydream it was always performing and doing something i feel if i can't do that than i can't be e
7:44 pm
me. >> i just get excited and my nickname is x usher my mom calls me i stuck out like a sore thumb for sure hey everybody i'm susan kitten on the keys from there, i working in vintage clothing and chris in the 30's and fosz and aesthetic. >> i think part of the what i did i could have put on my poa he focus on a lot of different musical eras. >> shirley temple is created as ahsha safai the nation with happens and light heartenness shirley temple my biggest influence i love david boo and
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el john and may i west coast their flamboyant and show people (singing) can't be unhappy as a dr. murase and it is so fun it is a joyful instrument i learned more about music by playing the piano it was interesting the way i was brought up the youth taught me about music he picked up the a correspond that was so hard my first performing experience happened as 3-year-old an age i did executive services and also thanks to the lord and sank in youth groups people will be powering grave over their turk
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i'll be playing better and better back la i worked as places where men make more money than me i was in bands i was treated as other the next thing i know i'm in grants performing for a huge protection with a few of my friends berry elect and new berry elect and can be ray was then and we kept getting invited back you are shows got better we made it to paris in 2005 a famous arc we ended up getting a months residencey other than an island and he came to our show and started writing a script based on our troop of 6 american burr elect performs in france we were
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woman of all this angels and shapes and sizes and it was very exciting to be part of the a few lettering elect scene at the time he here he was bay area born and breed braces and with glossaries all of a sudden walking 9 red carpet in i walgreens pedestrian care. >> land for best director that was backpack in 2010 the french love this music i come back here and because of film was not released in the united states nobody gave a rats ass let's say the music and berry elect and performing doesn't pay very much i definitely feel into a huge depression especially, when it
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ended i didn't feel kemgd to france anymore he definitely didn't feel connected to the scene i almost feel like i have to beg for tips i hey i'm from the bay area and an artist you don't make a living it changed my represent tar to appeal and the folks that are coming into the wars these days people are not listening they love the idea of having a live musician but don't really nurture it like having a potted plant if you don't warrant it it dizzy sort of feel like a potted plant (laughter) i'm going to give san francisco one more year i've been here since 1981 born and raised in the bay area i know that is not for me i'll keep on trying and
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if the struggle becomes too hard i'll have to move on i don't know where that will be but i love here so so much i used to dab he will in substances i don't do that i'm sober and part of the being is an and sober and happy to be able to play music and perform and express myself if i make. >> few people happy of all ages i've gone my job so i have so stay is an i feel like the piano and music in general with my voice together i feel really powerful and strong
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>> good afternoon, work to the san francisco planning commission hearing for march 14, 2019. please silence any mobile devices. and when speaking, please state your name fort record. before i take roll, i would ask those members of the public standing in front of the entry and exit doors, you're causing a fire hazard. please find a seat. i see available seats in the audience. take roll. president melgar? >> here. vice president koppel? here. commissioner hillis? here. we do expect commissioner richards. consideration of items for


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